Manulife Bank – New Client Personal Advantage Account Interest Offer

For a limited time, Manulife Bank is offering 2.15% to new clients who open a personal Advantage Account. This offer is for new clients who have never previously held a Manulife Bank Advantage Account, and who open a new personal, non-registered, Canadian-dollar Advantage Account. The promotional interest rate is made up of the regular posted annual variable interest rate of 0.15% and the variable annual promotional rate of 2.00%. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly on net new deposits for the first 120 days (4 months) after account opening to a maximum of $50,000. Any change to the regular interest rate will result in a corresponding change to the promotional interest rate. The offer is limited to one account per client and cannot be combined with other offers. The offer and rates are as of September 21, 2020 and subject to change without notice. Click here for full terms and conditions and visit for current rates.

The Manulife Advantage Account is a high-interest, full access, low fee chequing account that can be used by clients as their primary bank account or as a secondary investment account. This account combines the liquidity of a traditional chequing account with the interest of a shirt-term GIC or money market fund. Advantage Account's features and benefits are unrivalled in the marketplace.

Manulife Advantage account is offered through a referral arrangement with Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. Your investment representative may receive a referral fee from Manulife Bank.

October 2020

To meet evolving mutual fund industry & client expectations, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. will stop sales of new mutual funds with deferred sales charge & low sales charge (DSC/LSC) fee structures starting Jan. 1, 2021. This means there will be no new DSC/LSC purchases into new or existing client-held accounts or nominee plans. Although the Canadian Securities Administrators' (CSA) ban of DSC will not take effect until Jun 2022, Quadrus is implementing these changes early. On Jan. 1, we will start to automatically move any subsequent investments (including pre-authorized contributions and grants) into funds with 0% front-end load (FEL 0) fee structures. There is nothing you need to do to make these changes.

Insurance products, including segregated fund policies, are offered through Howell Financial Corp., and Investment Representatives Matt Howell and Stacey Dustin offer mutual funds and referral arrangements through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

September 2020

4 free months of term life insurance*

Canada Life™ is making longer duration term life insurance even more affordable. Clients who submit new term 20, term 30 and term to age 65 insurance applications can enjoy 4 months of waived premium*. For a new policy to qualify, policies must be submitted between Sept. 1 and Dec. 1 (inclusive).

*In B.C., the offer is capped at 3 free months.

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